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Family Orthodontic Care
in North Salem, NY

If you’re looking for orthodontic care in North Salem, NY, look no further than Ridgefield Orthodontics. We are located in nearby Ridgefield, CT, and provide orthodontic services for all ages. We specialize in adult and children’s braces, clear aligners, lingual (hidden) braces, and cosmetic whitening.

Do Wonders for Your Smile


Ridgefield Orthodontics is the place to go to enhance your smile. Our children’s and adult orthodontic services will provide your teeth with the proper alignment and keep them healthy, comfortable, and beautiful.

At Ridgefield Orthodontics, Dr. Nithya will is always happy to personalize a treatment plan for you to make sure you have the best orthodontic care possible. If you’re in North Salem, NY, you can come visit us and start on your smile journey. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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